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Always at the service of our customers

Find everything you need to start your business
Always at the service of our customers

Find everything you need to start your business
Always at the service of our customers

Find everything you need to start your business



We stand out for being leaders in supplying important institutions, governmental organizations, food operators and private corporations, who trust unconditionally in the excellence of our household items and in default, in the business that we have become after 43 years in the business.


We are the Massive Channel of Food Service. Our job is to supply kitchen products to companies that are defined by being large consumers. Small, medium and large restaurants are mainly our customers, however, we also generate significant alliances with hotels and nightclubs.


We are part of the Premium Food Service Channel. Our job is to provide kitchenware to high level hotels (three to five stars) and restaurants that are defined by their high profile. This is how we supply our renowned customers with a significant volume mix of tableware, glassware and cutlery


Our mission is not only to equip the kitchens of your homes or businesses, but we also distribute our company's products to the wholesale and retail trade. Small, medium and large businesses are mainly our loyal distribution customers, although banqueters are not left behind and make up an important sector within the clientele.


Own and imported brands

For four decades we have led the Chilean market and our perseverance has allowed us to bring the best of the world to your table, kitchen and/or business.
We are deeply captivated by innovation, excellence, elegance and good prices, therefore, the national and international brands that we have at your disposal are known in every home in Chile, in retail, and by all the sectors that make up the gastronomic area, that is, institutions, restaurants, hotels and distributors. If you are looking for a product that will surprise you, choose the own and imported brands we have for you.


National and international

Forming a pleasant, respectful and true relationship with our customers has become the driving force that guides this company and especially the area of Food Service or also called HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Casinos).
Many of our customers have been with us for years, because we privilege long-term agreements. From large chains in the gastronomic sector to small companies, they have bet on our experience and created valuable bonds with our team of professionals.


Find everything you need to start your business

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